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Zhejiang Auto Instrument Co., Ltd. has three subsidiaries: Hangzhou Jianhou Technology, Zhejiang Yongjie Auto Electronics and Shaoxing Donghong Machinery Co., Ltd. It is a national key high-tech enterprise and provincial key backbone enterprise with a history of more than 40 years. The company's main business is intelligent cockpit and surrounding supporting products, integrating research and development, production, sales and service, and supporting the combined instrument, full LCD instrument, central control host, various sensors and other products for major vehicle manufacturers.


Area 5000 square meters

260 yuan

Fixed assets: 260 million yuan


500 employees

40 +

Over 40 years of experience


3 wholly-owned subsidiaries

Auto Instrument

Beixin C46DB


10.25 inch TFT BOE 1920 * 720 LTPS+incell

Beixin EU5 PLUS

Bei xin

SOC: TI Jacinto6 Eco Platform OS:Nucleus TFT:1920*720

Fukuda m4

Fukuda -

NXPS32K144+YAMAHA platform CPU Fre:160MHz – 240MHz Flash:3.75MB – 5MB RAM:512KB Data Flash:64KB TFT:800*480,RGB888






How to solve the fault of automobile sensor

1. Clean the wheel speed sensor. The wheel speed sensor will be dirty when the vehicle passes through waterways and muddy roads. It is necessary to clean the wheel speed sensor.

How to solve the problem of bcm body control system

Bcm body control system is mainly used to control many electrical appliances, including electric door and window control, central control door lock control, remote control control, lighting system control, electric rearview mirror heating control, instrument panel backlight adjustment, power distribution, etc. Once a fault occurs, the solution is as follows:

What are the modules of automatic driving

The automatic driving technology can be divided into several levels according to the intelligent degree of the system. At present, the industry mainly adopts the definitions of classification standards from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the American Highway Safety Administration, which are mainly divided into L0, L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5, that is, from no automation to full automation.

What should I do if the touch screen of the car display screen fails?

1. There are many reasons for the failure of the touch screen of the car display screen. If it is because the adhesive used for the film sticking to the touch screen causes the failure of the touch screen when the touch screen is coated, then the car owner can clean the adhesive on the touch screen with balm essence and glue remover at this time.

How to project mobile phone navigation onto the car display screen

The owner wants to project the navigation of the vehicle's mobile phone onto the vehicle's display screen, but does not know how to operate it, so how can the mobile phone navigation be projected onto the vehicle's display screen?

Which sensors are on the car

1. The automobile intake pressure sensor is mainly used to detect the air pressure at the inlet of the automobile engine, so as to ensure that the amount of air inhaled by the engine is within the normal range.

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