Which sensors are on the car

1. The automobile intake pressure sensor is mainly used to detect the air pressure at the inlet of the automobile engine, so as to ensure that the amount of air inhaled by the engine is within the normal range.

2. Water temperature sensor: the water temperature sensor is mainly used to detect the temperature in the car water tank, so as to detect the actual temperature of the car engine. Once the water tank temperature is too high, the water temperature sensor will transmit it to the on-board system, and finally inform the owner.

3. The oxygen sensor is used to detect the oxygen concentration in the vehicle exhaust, and then provide the obtained data to the ECU to calculate the appropriate air-fuel ratio.

4. The throttle sensor provides the ECU with the most accurate fuel cut-off and fuel air ratio control information by detecting the opening angle of the throttle.

These sensors on the car have their own work, but they also work together in coordination. In addition, these sensors monitor all parts of the car all the time. Once a part breaks down, the sensor will play its role immediately.