How to project mobile phone navigation onto the car display screen

The owner wants to project the navigation of the vehicle's mobile phone onto the vehicle's display screen, but does not know how to operate it, so how can the mobile phone navigation be projected onto the vehicle's display screen?

The following is the navigation of Android mobile phone connected to the vehicle. The specific screen projection steps can be referred to by the owner:

1. The car owner needs to download a carlife software, and then open the carlife on the mobile phone.

2. Then open the settings in the lower right corner of the software, find the "developer's options", open the internal options, and connect the vehicle to the mobile phone.

3. Use the vehicle's data cable to connect one end to the vehicle's charging port and the other end to the USB interface.

4. Open the carlife software of the vehicle, and if the connection is successful, the navigation can be projected onto the central control screen of the vehicle.

If the car owner uses an Apple mobile phone, he can download the car play. The specific operation method is basically the same as the car life software. After the connection is successful, you can use the software on your mobile phone in the car. In addition to vehicle navigation, you can also use other software, such as telephone, reading, SMS, email, etc.