How to solve the problem of bcm body control system

Bcm body control system is mainly used to control many electrical appliances, including electric door and window control, central control door lock control, remote control control, lighting system control, electric rearview mirror heating control, instrument panel backlight adjustment, power distribution, etc. Once a fault occurs, the solution is as follows:

To deal with the bcm fault, we can determine whether there is a short circuit or an overload fault by detecting the current on the circuit. Then use the instrument to find the source and cause of the fault, and finally deal with the fault of the bcm body control system. However, as long as the car's bcm breaks down, you must go to the car repair shop or 4S shop for maintenance. As a car owner, don't handle it easily to avoid expanding the fault.

How to judge the failure of bcm body control system?

1. When driving the car everyday, I suddenly found that the electric door and window could not be started.

2. The vehicle's wiper suddenly fails to work properly.

3. The vehicle's light control system suddenly failed.

4. The vehicle's electric rearview mirror has no heating function.